the goodman family

Pastor Daniel Goodman came to be Pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church in November 2008, following Pastor Emeritus John Dallalio, who met Bro. Daniel and personally asked him to pray about coming to the church to take his place.
Bro. Daniel’s wife’s name is Amber and they have three children. Sis. Amber Home Schools the children.  They are glad to report that their whole family is saved!!! Glory to God!
Bro. Daniel was raised in a Christian home by his parents, Pastor Ervin Goodman and Sis. Angela Goodman, to whom he is grateful . He was saved as a teenager after reading a Chick Tract,  (“THIS WAS YOUR LIFE!”), that tracked him everywhere he went. Night and day the Holy Ghost of God began telling him, “You’re lost and you need to get saved.” One night in his bedroom he came to Jesus in repentance and by faith was gloriously saved.
Bro. Daniel was also called to preach as teenager.  That call he has never regretted!! (I Timothy 1:12) After surrendering to preach, the following Sunday he preached his first sermon. Bro. Daniel was licensed to preach by Lake Cove Baptist Church. Every week since, he has been faithfully preaching the Word of God, preaching on the street, in nursing homes and in prisons the old, old story. He still preaches the message, “Come to Jesus, the mighty to save”.